Project Visualization

I recently completed a project at work that was a redesign of an existing website. There were lots of non-code activities involved in this project, so I thought it may be interesting to visualize the project from the code’s perspective to see what transpired where the rubber meets the road.

Forwarding Api Proxy

There’s a mobile app that I’m working on that will be performing complex queries against a database that is exposed via an OData api. One small hitch is that the mobile app is not allowed to access the OData api directly, but I can implement a proxy that will have

Advent Of Code 2016

Advent Of Code is an advent calendar that counts down to Christmas.  Instead of having small doors that reveal treats as you count down the days, Advent Of Code has a new coding puzzle each day.  I participated in 2015 and had been waiting all year for it to start

The RandomBerryPi Project

RandomBerryPi My Raspberry Pi likes to pick (pseudo)random things, so I’ve built a couple of programs that allow it to do just that. I setup the Twitter account @RandomBerryPi so that it can share everything it does with the world. I have created two programs so far that run on

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